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The problem of obesity is becoming more and more urgent in our country. Every year the number of patients with chronic diseases associated with obesity increases significantly. Unfortunately, 90% of traditional diets or exercise routines fail to work well. In addition, avoiding favorite foods in the diet causes depression, decreased activity levels and apathy. We contacted renowned Dublin nutritionist Dr. McKenzie (Ireland) for his comment on weight loss supplement.

Price in Ireland, Reviews, How it Works?

– Dr. McKenzie, our readers are asking about Unity weight loss pills. What do you know about this product?

– Today it is one of the best fat burners on the Irish market. Thanks to the combination of modern technologies and herbal ingredients, the creators of this product managed to combine the main factors for successful weight loss: high efficiency + safety + stable result. As the experience of my clients shows, in 9 out of 10 cases, after completing a full 6-month course of weight loss, it is possible to achieve optimal shape and improve health.

– That is, you can take these capsules and continue to eat desserts, fast food and sit on the couch?

– No. Any dietary supplement is an aid for people who are working on building an ideal body. If you sit at home and eat fatty foods, it will not work. Use of the product is advisable only if you are actively exercising, following the recommendations of a low-carb diet and maintaining the correct water balance.

– What are the side effects of these capsules?

– The product is absolutely safe for adults 18+, subject to the manufacturer’s recommended daily dosage. Exceptions apply only to the period of pregnancy, lactation, chronic diseases or individual intolerance to individual components.

– Surely these capsules are very expensive in Ireland?

– I disagree with you. Unity price no more expensive than other fat burners. As far as I know, when ordering from 3 bottles on the official website, free shipping is provided worldwide. But it is better to clarify this information in Ireland.

– How long do you need to drink these capsules to become thin?

– It all depends on the individual characteristics of your body, diet and mode of activity during the day. The first good changes are noticeable within 5-7 days after using the product. On average, in 1 day you can lose up to 2 lb without harm to your health. But I recommend order fat burner in Ireland and take the full course in 180 days. This will give a guaranteed result that will last for many years.

– Where is the best Unity buy in Ireland?

– I have not seen these capsules in stores or pharmacies, so I can advise you to order them on the manufacturer’s Ireland official website.