Candidol Singapore – Cream For Mycosis Of Nails And Feet


– The active ingredients penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis and create an environment in which the fungus is unable to develop and grow
– Treat the skin, heal cracks and wounds, restore the nail
– Create a protective barrier to prevent re-infection


Today, every person has the opportunity to maintain personal hygiene, but the problem of fungal infections of the feet and nails is still very acute. Dermatologists say that more than 80% of patients with mycosis at an early stage do not realize that they are infected. When the first symptoms become more active, the question arises: how to treat the fungus? Yes, this disease is not life threatening and does not cause severe pain, but living with a fungal infection is very difficult. A person is forced to constantly hide his legs from prying eyes, feel embarrassed by an unpleasant smell from his legs and cause rejection from others. You may also have problems when visiting the pool or gym, before which you need to undergo a medical examination. Identified nail or foot fungus will not allow you to play sports with other people, as there is a high risk of spreading the infection to them.

For the treatment of contagious diseases associated with a fungal infection, it is recommended to use natural cosmetics – creams, ointments, balms, serums. Nowadays, in any pharmacy you can find a huge range of these products, but choosing the most effective and safe one is a rather difficult task.

At the moment, most European specialists and dermatologists agree that Candidol cream for mycosis of nails and feet is one of the best. It is a natural product developed with the latest scientific technology and clinical research. The complex actively supports healthy skin and nails by eliminating most types of fungal infections known in nature.

The biogenic formula has a high efficiency of use, a safe composition of ingredients and a lot of good reviews. With Candidol antifungal cream, you can get guaranteed results at home, avoiding expensive laser treatments or other antifungal drugs.

Candidol – price, reviews, how does it work?

Candidol how it works? The cream contains nutrients that instantly relieve inflammation and destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria. The complex perfectly restores damaged tissues and speeds up the healing process. The active substances neutralize the further spread of infection and prevent damage to new healthy cells. The herbal components of the cream eliminate unpleasant odors, normalize the function of perspiration and help speed up the regeneration process.

Main beneficial properties:

  • Destroys fungal spores on the skin or nail surface after the first application.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odor from feet and shoes.
  • Neutralizes symptoms – itching, redness, peeling, burning between the fingers.
  • Accelerates the process of restoration of tissues of the nail plate, restores normal color.
  • Quickly absorbed and leaves no residue on clothes or shoes.
  • Has a pleasant light aroma.
  • Contains only natural ingredients and vitamins.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Sold without a medical prescription.
  • Can be used for prevention.

After reading Candidol reviews on the Internet, we were once again convinced that the majority of buyers of this cream were satisfied with the results of their use. Here’s what professional dermatologists say:

Among my patients there are many people who have been living with a fungal infection for several months or even years. 90% of them never took up treatment because they considered the problem not critical. It is for this reason that they now have a longer and more complex recovery process. I recommend not delaying treatment. So you can save your time and money, because at an early stage, any disease is treated faster and cheaper. I always prescribe to my clients only proven and effective products that show high results of application. One of the leaders on my list is Candidol for foot fungus. This is an absolutely safe cream with natural ingredients that allows you to eliminate mycosis in just a few weeks. The formula reduces inflammation and promotes the division of new healthy skin cells. The cream perfectly restores the structure of the nail plate and accelerates the healing of cracks and wounds on the skin surface.

Candidol how to use? Inside the package with a tube of cream, detailed instructions for use will be attached. Read it carefully and follow all manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not use cream without first consulting your healthcare professional or other licensed healthcare professional.

Candidol – buy, order, delivery

Candidol Singapore is currently not available in pharmacies. We tried to find out why this happened, but we could not find an answer to the question. Most likely the product is new on the market and has not yet received wide distribution. Or it is not profitable for pharmacies to sell them, because they are Candidol price cheaper than other antifungal ointments or tablets.

If you want Candidol buy in Singapore, we recommend using the distributor’s official website for this purpose. In our opinion, this is the easiest way to guarantee a quality product and save your money.

We have found an official seller page for you, where every customer can Candidol order. Follow the link and fill out an application right now.