How Nice To Have A Big Size!

A large penis gives a man not only a high self-esteem, but also has a number of significant advantages that must not be forgotten. They always tried to convince us that the main reason for the sexual satisfaction of a woman is not the size of the male penis of the partner, but the ability to use it correctly. But let’s not believe in all sorts of myths and reassure ourselves.

From the point of view of physiology, the large size of the male penis has a higher chance of satisfying a woman. Even from a psychological point of view, a girl will have a stronger sexual desire and respect for a guy with an 18-centimeter penis, while a man with a small size will cause compassion, contempt or even laughter.

Here are just a few basic primitive reasons why having a huge penis is good:

  1. The larger the penis, the more it stretches the vaginal and anal muscles of the female body, and this is the key to vivid sensations from the maximum deep penetration.
  2. Having a large and solid “bolt” in your pants you can try any position during sex. But any sex therapist will confirm that experiments in intimate life are the best way to maintain it at a high level.
  3. Even with an unstable erection, a large penis due to its size is able to deliver a woman an orgasm and pleasure. Try to do this if you have an 11 cm genital organ, which is also in a sluggish state.
  4. Do not forget about self-esteem. How nice it is when leaving the public soul or being in the locker room you can feel free to show your “dignity” and cause envy among other men. Do not forget that women are very fond of discussing their men with friends and all your friends will know about your advantage.

Everywhere you need a middle ground!

Scientists came to the conclusion that the optimal penis size for an adult male is 17.8 cm. Too small or too large penis have the same number of flaws, so in this sense it is best to adhere to the rule of the golden mean. Also pay attention to the fact how skillfully you can use it. Physiological parameters alone are not enough to become an ideal lover. Always practice something new during sex and try not to forget about your partner, because it is very important for good sex.

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